“Welcome to the Woman’s Club”

Welcome to the Woman’s Club

(and oh, how I would have liked to have swung it)

and seminary silence

like the forest, oh so deep,

it makes one wonder

if it would do any good to weep.

But maybe perchance

after some sleep,

I’ll get my broom

and give it a good sweep.

Changing times

and swinging doors

people in

and people out

thoughts the same

it’s really lame

Jesus set us free

Oh, wait…

you’re a woman!


© Janice J. Robinson

February 19, 2015


What a Snap


November must be near

It’s time to vote

you can tell, because they try

to buy your vote

though they say they don’t

by sending you a sweet little note

I’d heard tell by some you see

that they reduced the amount

of IDPA….wow, what a SNAP

but then they raised it back by

a whopping nine dollars for free

that will sure buy a lot at the grocery

but you see, they hope you remember

their name and their particular

political party

after all

the nine dollars was rather small

so instead of remembering blue or red

I think I’ll vote for the write-in instead

and maybe….just maybe….

it’ll be me

The Song in the night

Hours tick away in the silence of the night


I pray to Jesus for sleep to come

it evades me like an elusive wraith

I ask for the things that I haven’t dared to ask before

I lay them out like a neatly ordered mental game of solitaire

One…and then two…                                                                                                                             old time alarm clock

My prayers still are not answered as of yet

I sigh…I sing to the Lord

a chorus of hushed whispers

“…There’s a river of life, flowing out of me…”

two-thirty…and then three

I sneak a peek at one of the stacks

I fret…no answers yet?

I examine my life and look at a multitude of cracks

Surely, the Lord sees that just enduring the trials of life

it takes guts and a wheelbarrow of faith

This should put me in the Faithful Hall of Fame

“…makes the lame to walk, and the blind to see…”

three-thirty… and then four…

“…opens prison doors, sets the captives free”

sleep begins to nudge

My mind still echoing my song in the night

“Spring up oh well…gush, gush, gush, gush”

I dream and see my name written in Hebrews eleven

I sleepily gather the cards and put them away

The alarm blares out….Oh, my God…

it’s five after seven!



By Janice J. Robinson

©  April 22, 2014

Material in quotes, written by:  L. Casebolt and Betty Pulkingham

I’m Tired

A peaceful Boston HarborI’m tired

of hearing screams and cries

seeing people distraught

and running into fear

from fields of war like

Georgetown…New Town…

Kent State…Columbine…

Virginia Tech…and Boston

I’m tired

of seeing

teddy bears and bouquets

candlelight vigils

for those we’ve lost

tragedy striking

at such high cost

I’m tired

of seeing America

ripped into shreds

by people who dread

to keep the peace

our Second Amendment

rights being shot to hell

our minute-men

didn’t hesitate to

shoot to kill

the Revolutionary war

set us free

what indeed are we waiting for

I’m tired


Situations occur

Yes…they happen

Best to stay out of them

Warn others to get out too

Best to walk on by

Don’t look at them

they might follow you home

after all…who wants to get


See them…flee them

arched eye brows

Distant looks

Did one of them

jump on my back?

Shake it off!

Don’t scoff!

You don’t want mine

and I sure enough

don’t want yours.

Do me a favor…Knock it off!