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The Song in the night

Hours tick away in the silence of the night


I pray to Jesus for sleep to come

it evades me like an elusive wraith

I ask for the things that I haven’t dared to ask before

I lay them out like a neatly ordered mental game of solitaire

One…and then two…                                                                                                                             old time alarm clock

My prayers still are not answered as of yet

I sigh…I sing to the Lord

a chorus of hushed whispers

“…There’s a river of life, flowing out of me…”

two-thirty…and then three

I sneak a peek at one of the stacks

I fret…no answers yet?

I examine my life and look at a multitude of cracks

Surely, the Lord sees that just enduring the trials of life

it takes guts and a wheelbarrow of faith

This should put me in the Faithful Hall of Fame

“…makes the lame to walk, and the blind to see…”

three-thirty… and then four…

“…opens prison doors, sets the captives free”

sleep begins to nudge

My mind still echoing my song in the night

“Spring up oh well…gush, gush, gush, gush”

I dream and see my name written in Hebrews eleven

I sleepily gather the cards and put them away

The alarm blares out….Oh, my God…

it’s five after seven!



By Janice J. Robinson

©  April 22, 2014

Material in quotes, written by:  L. Casebolt and Betty Pulkingham