April is all about poetry – Vol. 1, no. 28




As the National Poetry Month, i.e. April, is converging towards its closing sighs, new found loves and old embers brought to life again through the gentle ministration of warm breaths exhaled with joy, a piece offered about the holy love of the Lord Jesus Christ that He has for His church, His chosen Bride.


‘Unaccustomed to Your Love’


You gave your love and

you didn’t have to, you know?

       Prickly feeling of strange

sensations flood over me.

Inundated with internal explosions.

      Confusion, deemed long dead.

Surrounded with no escape possible.

Although it’s all right,

       I don’t want to.

Thoughts about being

unaccustomed to your love

       quickly fades.

By Janice J. Robinson  © 1996


If you are a Christian poet in the Chicago area, at least for the month of April, this writer would like to make available to other poets a place to exhibit some of your poems. Please only submit your own original poems, since you can give permission to publish your work. You can contact this writer at poetess755@gmail.com. Your poems must glorify the Lord God, or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ or the Word of God. God Bless you in your endeavors.

More at:     http://www.examiner.com/article/april-is-all-about-poetry-vol-1-no-28



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