April is all about poetry – Vol. 1, no. 27

Many times people fall into the habit of making snap judgments concerning people, places or things rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to inform us about the truth concerning a particular topic.  Also, as the Scriptures attest, the adulterous woman was judged by her fellow citizens, and she was deemed worthy to die, while the Lord Jesus Christ saw the truth of the situation.  He saw the irony of sinners judging other sinners and condemning them to die, while their own sins remained hidden from the view of their fellow citizens.  Hence the following piece was written because this writer had the opportunity before her at one point in time to condemn someone for doing what this writer had done also, so here is no. 27 in this series.

‘The Stone in my Hand’

It was plainly but softly spoken.

Your eyes pleaded with me for

understanding and compassion

But Stones don’t cry.

You waited, expecting to hear

bitter recriminations from

wrongs you had caused.

But Stones don’t feel.

Then my Lord asked me,

“How much did I forgive you for?”

His question quietly asked

hemmed me in.  It left me no quarter.

Realization of redemption

purchased with His blood.

My Lord again spoke:

“He who is without sin, let him

cast the first stone.”

My fingers opened

and out fell,

The Stone in my Hand.

By Janice J. Robinson   © 1996


If you are a Christian poet in the Chicago area, at least for the month of April, this writer would like to make available to other poets a place to exhibit some of your poems. Please only submit your own original poems, since you can give permission to publish your work. You can contact this writer at poetess755@gmail.com. Your poems must glorify the Lord God, or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ or the Word of God. God Bless you in your endeavors.


More at:  http://www.examiner.com/article/april-is-all-about-poetry-vol-1-no-27?cid=db_articles



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