April is all about poetry – Vol. 1, no. 19



April is ambling along at a very fast pace it seems. The poem being highlighted today is about the awesomeness of the One True God.  Today, is also the 2012 Days of Remembrance and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem is commemorating the lives of six million Jews that were lost during the pogrom instituted against them.  For more upon this subject, you can read the latest article about the ceremony today in Choosing to Act: Stories of Rescue.

‘The Hands of the Living God’

Fear encapsulates me as I stand upon your palm,

knowing that you would not have to close

your fingers in order to crush me, but rather

with just one thought, I would cease to exist!

Thy awesome power, it terrifies me!  But yet with

all Thy power, it does not corrupt Thee.  For your

ways are perfect.  They are not our ways.  Even the

stars flee at the magnificence of your countenance.

You gently told me that your wrath is reserved for

those who hate you.  But your love forever shines

upon those who love you.  Behold!  Wisdom is founded

upon fear.  The fear of the Lord God who ever lives!

Your children who acknowledge Thy greatness and bow

their faces to the earth with humble hearts, find

a Mighty Fortress, a Rock, and a Shield.  For who

shall be able to stand against so awesome a power?

My bones quake and my heart melts in terror at the

realization of the immense priviledge that you have

accorded me.  Your Son has clothed me with righteous

robes, and I have been allowed to worship at Thy feet.

You, are the CREATOR of all things living.  But for

those who will not bow their knees in worship of Thy

Divine Magnificence, terror shall fill their faces.

For indeed, it is a terrifying thing to fall into

The Hands of the Living God!

By Janice J. Robinson  © 1996

During the month of April, this writer would like to make available to other poets a place to exhibit some of your poems. Please only submit your own original poems, since you can give permission to publish your work. You can contact this writer at poetess755@gmail.com. Your poems must glorify the Lord God, or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ or the Word of God. God Bless you in your endeavors.


More at:  http://www.examiner.com/article/april-is-all-about-poetry-vol-1-no-19



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