April is all about poetry – Vol. 1, no. 11

April has its own ambience as we meander through the newly sprung greenery that nature provides every Spring.  Yet if we are not careful, it can be decimated by rough hands and rough feet.  Our planet needs to be taken care of by those whose hearts and minds are set upon this task.  It is not an easy task set forth by the Creator when He charged Adam and Eve to “tend the garden.”



‘Don’t Get in My Way!’


I don’t have the time to listen

to your puffed up rhetoric

of Utopian societies that don’t exist

except maybe the one that’s in your mind.

So don’t spew out to me your doomsday prophecies

your crime in the streets,

corpses under sheets,

children dying from bomb blasts through nurseries.


Don’t get in my way by deliberately placing

stones on my road.

Hoping I’ll give up and go away.

I know we’re living in a sick and dying nation

“without hope and without God” *


The world appears so serene

when looked

at from the moon.

But like any rare and

priceless porcelain figurine,

if you break it, you buy it!


But if you’re not going to help,


Don’t get in my way!

I think we just might need some more glue.


*Ephesians 2:12


By Janice J. Robinson

© 1995


If you are a Christian poet in the Chicago area, at least for the month of April, this writer would like to make available to other poets a place to exhibit some of your poems. Please only submit your own original poems, since you can give permission to publish your work. You can contact this writer at poetess755@gmail.com. Your poems must glorify the Lord God, or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ or the Word of God. God Bless you in your endeavors.


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