April is all about poetry – Vol. 1, no. 6

A very ‘cherry’ thankyou to those who have been reading my tributes to poetry  during this month of April, the month designated as the National Poetry Month.  Since poetry really is the music  of the heart, those that read these articles, should investigate into their  local areas to see if they have a poetry group that they can join.  It is  well worth the endeavor since professional critiques of your work can be sought  out by those that have long been published in this particular market.   With that being noted, here is the no. 6 edition from Vol. 1:




‘Jesus and Me’

Jesus holds my hand as we walk through life.

the natural man cannot tell

or understand the meaning of

the fullness of knowledge, joy, peace,

or love complete.

Jesus in whom I see

the tender love He keeps for His church,

for whom He laid His life down willingly.

But I found that what I once longed for

in the past,

the first is now last.

Jesus and me,

we have such a beautiful rapport.

One head, One body, one church!

His tender love showered upon all who believe,

the sky is the limit with Him.

Jesus and Me.

He’s knocking on the door for you!


By Janice J. Robinson

Copyright 1979

If you are a Christian poet in the Chicago  area, at least for the month of April, this writer would like to make  available to other poets a place to exhibit some of your poems. Please only  submit your own original poems, since you can give permission to publish your  work. You can contact this writer at poetess755@gmail.com. Your poems must  glorify the Lord God, or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ or the Word of God. God  Bless you in your endeavors.

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